We are proud to announce the Just Writing My Name Koblenz, Germany. On 03rd - 05th of october 2014. See you there!

We are proud to announce the Just Writing My Name Maia, Portugal. On 27th - 28th of september 2014.

JWMN Bridge Jam Drogheda, Ireland- 20 years strong..

This year the Drogheda Bridge Jam in Ireland celebrated it’s 20th consequtive year running. Since 1994, Rask of the TDA Klann in Ireland has been organising this event which has hosted a large array of local and international talent. To support the locals in the 20th birthday celebrations, this year Tiws (DK), Gent (UK), Pure (USA) and Love Pusher (UK) came from abroad to help complete the two main wall productions. In honor of Rask the organiser, a series of Rask dedication pieces were also done as a tribute to what this event has done for Irish and world graffiti, as the longest running graffiti event in the world.

Just Writing My Name Medan, Indonesia

Even the rain couldn’t stop Indonesian writers from painting this huge wall for the Just Writing My Name event in Medan, Indonesia.

Just Writing My Name Palembang, Indonesia

Just Writing My Name event in Palembang, Indonesia. Check the fresh video.

JWMN Johannesburg 2014

A few weeks ago Grayscale in Johannesburg South Africa hosted a Just Writing My Name jam on a long wall in Orange Grove. The jam took place over a weekend and was blessed with good weather and even better vibes. Taking part were some young up and coming artists as well as some of Joburg’s most active writers including, Tyke, Fiya, Myza, Rasty, Veronika, Zesta, Love, Curio, Jestr, Rekso, Riot, Trips, Bias and Mars. (Photos courtesy of Grayscale, Cale Waddacor, Mickaela Pereira).

Just Writing My Name Makassar, Indonesia 2014

An International Graffiti Session Supported by Montana Cans “JUST WRITING MY NAME MAKASSAR 2014″ JUNE 22 2014 @ SPOT BOULEVARD, MAKASSAR INDONESIA.